Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brilliant Final - A grand finale for IPL really

It was a final and sunday morning in Dallas. I woke up and checked some free p2p options for the IPL channel, none were working. It was a great stage set for the grand finale but after lack luster semi-finals, I was skeptical about the finals also. I still took the gamble and bought a 10 dollar pass at to get the access to the finals - un-interrupted. I remember a lot of instances where my investments of both time and money have gone into the ditch through poor finals/crunch matches. But since it was 20-20 and IPL finals, I was hoping for at least one good innings from either of the teams. Well what we all witnessed was a great great game of cricket where both the teams were inseparable in terms of their performances. 163 was a good score set by Dhoni's team but yet again Yusuf Pathan played one of those camios. Cannot discuss about match and analyze what went right or wrong for the two teams because it was a final ball cliffhanger. Rajasthan Royals were predicted to be the winners by many and they were most deserving of all. I am glad that they won in the end. Thankfully I saw the game undisturbed and enjoyed every moment of it with my family. It was time and money well spent in the end.

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