Monday, May 26, 2008

2 brilliant test matches in a week.

IPL keeps on delivering high quality matches such as the one between Rajasthan and Mumbai. It was a last ball clincher where Rajasthan Royals again proved their supremacy in IPL. While IPL marches towards the semis and finals, there are 2 very interesting test series going on. WI-AUS and ENG-NZ. Both the series produced fantastic matches over the weekend. Test match cricket was at its best. On one side, NZ was ahead for almost the entire match until Strauss scored the match turning century and on the other side, Australia proved yet again, why they are the best. Interestingly both the test matches had interesting first innings scenarios. I have always believed that team securing first innings lead of around 100 runs increase their chance of winning by a great deal. Australia won by 95 runs and their first innings lead was around 129. Things could have been different, had WI scored around 100 more runs. But ENG and NZ both worked hard to defy this logic. NZ had  a lead of 180 runs!!! still lost the match. Obviously their batting reversed roles in second innings. Its because of matches like these and this, that make me an ardent follower of Test match cricket. 

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