Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chennai's australian problem

Hayden and Hussey were kingpins of Chennai team couple of weeks back. They had put their side at number 1 and threatened to go unbeaten. But reality struck when they both had to leave for the West Indian tour. The side has slid to 4th position and is now loosing consistently.
Cricinfo's George Binoy notes:"The nature of the Twenty20 format is such that it leaves an extremely small margin for error - and almost none at the top. The failure of the Chennai Super Kings' top order after the departure of Matthew Hayden and Michael Hussey has been the primary reason for their slip from No 1 in the points table to No 4. The replacements, Stephen Fleming, Parthiv Patel and a rotating No 3 - they've tried S Vidyut and S Anirudha - have failed to provide direction to the innings."

Rest of the batsmen Dhoni, Morkel and Suresh Raina are very capable, but they also need a good starts from their openers. If you look at the rest of the teams, none of them have all stars and specially after the Australians have left. In fact Gilly's team has had a great lineup but still they are amongst the bottom two. Dhoni says:"Our top-order batsmen played too many shots. They were in two minds whether to go for the shot or not and ultimately lost their wickets playing their shots late. We could not get the right combinations in the last three matches but we should not panic. It is not individuals but we have to work as a team." I agree with Dhoni here. Its the loss of their star players and not able to find the right combination, the reasons for their struggle. I hope they come together and make the competition more open. Right now, Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals are on a roll. Delhi is also not far behind. Keep watching, its getting more interesting.

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