Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now Ganguly and Warne dual...

Somehow I feel that some people have a knack of getting into controversies and they always get into one, every now and then. The gentlemen in question here are not indifferent from these situations.
Cricinfo notes that -

Sourav Ganguly, captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders, has dismissed Shane Warne's criticism of his on-field behaviour, even questioning his moral right to comment about the spirit of the game. Warne, leading the Rajasthan Royals, first slammed Ganguly for taking too long to come out to bat and then condemned his attitude towards the IPL's Spirit of Cricket agreement when he questioned a catch taken by Graeme Smith.
We all know how Dada is. Remember the days of his captaincy when a similar thing happened with Steve Waugh. That was when Data took too long to come out for toss. I think Data is slow by nature. He is lost sometimes.
Ganguly lashed back - "Is complaining against a dropped catch against the spirit of the game? " -- Nope you are perfectly fine Dada

"We just need to look at Warne's career to understand that he has no moral right to teach what the spirit of the game is. I just want to laugh at what Warne is saying. He should not be talking about the spirit of the game -- Dad should not remember somebody's career into situations like this because there is too much at stake. Warne's career (for cricketing reasons) is much brilliant than Dada's.

Meanwhile Pakistan fast bowler Umar Gul, who recently joined Kolkata, felt Ganguly's captaincy in Twenty20 cricket had a way to go. "This format is new for Ganguly. He is finding it difficult," Gul told PTI. "He has to learn a few more tricks. We also have to find the right combination and rhythm. --- Here comes a Pakistani giving advice to a captain. Tell me Mr. Gul, how many times your captain(s) have got it right. Do you have a captain. Last I heard was a dumb Inzy.

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