Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dravid's disturbed over easy wins??

Come on Rahul, I know you are real gem at heart. You wouldn't lie even in front of press. I respect your frank opinion. I know its totally different state of mind at this level of competition and I am sure that you guys are there to WIN.
If I was in your shoes and sitting on top of two wins in warm up matches, I would be thinking the following.
- We never had warm-up games before in any world cup. Good that we got to play two to get the feel of the conditions.
- Its great that we played well against Holland (the same team that troubled Indians in WC opener last time) and beat them comprehensively. But in this match also, Holland managed to slow down Indians after initial flurry (something to work on).
- We played great against West Indies. Well creamed them. This happened because your bowlers did amazing to dismiss Lara and folks, under 100. Now Indian bowlers (normally the weaker link in the side) can breath easy and exhume with confidence.
-Although, the batsmen didn't get enough chance in second one dayer, the match did expose Sehwag again and gave him enough to think about.
All these reasons are enough to cheer about Rahul. You guys are a good team in this WC and I am very hopeful that you guys will be successful this time.

Dravid admits fears over easy warm-up wins

Rahul Dravid, the Indian captain, is wary that two easy wins in his side's pre-World Cup campaign may backfire on them when they face tougher competition. India brushed aside the Netherlands by 182 runs and West Indies by nine wickets, and while happy with the confidence India gained, Dravid felt there were disadvantages as well.

"With a performance like this, it meant that some of our batsmen did not get a chance to bat, and our spin bowlers did not get a chance to bowl," he told reporters in Montego Bay. "I think the advantages some times outweigh the disadvantages when you beat a top team like West Indies so convincingly. I think what it does to the spirit of the team can be very important as well.

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