Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Harbhajan or Kumble?? Rare dilemma.

Interesting article on Hindustan Times today. India is not able to decide between Bhajji and Kumble to be the preferred spinner in the game against SL. Looking at the record, Kumble struggled against Sri Lanka in the past where as Bhajji has a better record. I think the slower bowler is a better choice, so bhajji is my choice. Slower bowler can induce false shots and difficult to hit sometimes.
He is also going to be better against so many left handers. India is up against Sri Lanka in such a crucial match that even the best of bowlers can struggle under pressure. Whoever plays, what matters is a team victory. Bowling is definitely the area of concern for India so bowlers better perform.
Team India in spin dilemma
The Indian cricket team is in a dilemma over the choice of specialist spinner ahead of the critical game against Sri Lanka in the 2007 World Cup in Port of Spain.
Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh both have given good account of themselves in their solitary games and now a choice needs to be made between them for Friday's game.

Kumble showed all the traits that make him such a remarkable strike bowler in the game against Bermuda.

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