Saturday, March 3, 2007

Injured or kicked out.

Cricinfo - Pakistan board blasts Speed's remarks  Annotated

It is such a big shame for Pakistan cricket. Time and again their fast bowlers have let the spirit of Pakistani cricket down. Be it ball tempering issues, Pub brawls, players engaged in wrong practices or the latest doping scandal.

No body of the face of this earth is going to believe PCB's explanation  about Shoaib's and Asif's exclusion.

Shoaib and Asif were finally dropped from the Pakistan squad yesterday for medical reasons. While injuries to one's knee and the other's elbow is the official reason given by the board for their withdrawal, speculation in Pakistan has centred around fears that the duo were still carrying traces of Nandrolone in their body, a fact that could have led to stringent bans had they tested positive during the World Cup in ICC-conducted tests. The PCB has rubbished such speculation.

I think Speed is right in his statements. Surely its going to raise eyebrows but its the truth. PCB, instead of reacting like this, should make sure to improve the image of pakistani cricket and their players. Ramiz Raja is right in his demand of public apology from these two players.


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