Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pakistan and India - Worst day out

Bob Woolmer said today after the Pakistanis lost to Ireland -
".......with Bangladesh beating India as well. I think you can say that March 17, 2007 will be a historic day for cricket." To a great extent he is right. India and Pakistan suffered their worst defeats ever in World Cup. Pakistan's is worst as they are out of the World Cup but India is tantalisingly close to be bowed out. India played their worst cricket in many months. They are back as one of the most highly rated and the most inconsistent team in the world. I saw the match and again there was no plan and application. All the batsman played wreck less shots and even if the wickets were tumbling on both the ends, no body switched gears and built partnerships. Worst of all, the best players of spin was falling as pack of cards. No body was sticking to basics of playing straight or with the spin. Oh boy and the way Bangladesh played, amazing. Low scoring games often become close games but Bangladeshis were determined and played some excellent shots. The way they played straight and over the in field was mark of a great technique. The way they bowled they hearts out was awe inspiring. With only two seamers, Bangladesh dismissed India under 200 is hard to believe. I can understand this happening against Aussies or SA. But all marks to Bangladesh. They deserved to win. Pakistan too played a very similar game. I don't agree with Inzy's comments that Pitch played bad. They are the team that can handle these situations very well. Poor shot selection and lack of application was responsible for Pakistan's total of 132. In the end, both the totals were too low to defend against spirited sides.
Inzamam-ul-Haq overcomes his disappointment to congratulate Trent Johnston on Ireland's victory
A distraught Inzamam-ul-Haq tries to comprehend Pakistan's elimination, Ireland v Pakistan, Group D, Jamaica, March 17, 2007
Rahul Dravid wonders what went wrong, Bangladesh v India, Group B, Trinidad, Marchh 17, 2007
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