Monday, March 12, 2007

Ponting furious on Gavaskar's remarks

How can Ponting launch such a brutal attack against Sunil Gavaskar, who apart from a cricket great is also a critic and writes for lots Newspapers and cricket magazines. I think this is multi pronged attack on Indian cricket, selectors and captains. Why?? Ponting knows, India is a strong contender for the WC. Aussies are known for their unorthodox tactics off the field to put pressure on oppositions. Things had worked in the past but now people are smarter. This is just another useless Aussie tactic. I love Australia as a team but I hate their behavior on the field when they are frustrated and I think they have got away with this pretty cheaply so far.

Ponting targets Gavaskar over behaviour

"There is not the slightest doubt that in the last decade or so the Aussies have been awesome in batting, bowling and fielding, which has taken them to the top of the cricketing ladder," Gavaskar, who regularly highlights Australia's poor behaviour, wrote in India Today, a national weekly. "But they have also been awful in the way they have sometimes behaved on the field much to the chagrin of the traditional fans of the game."

Ricky Ponting said it was "high and mighty" of Sunil Gavaskar to complain about poor on-field behaviour as Australia's captain questioned his role in India's lack of recent Test success. Gavaskar said this week Australia's recent losses to England and New Zealand had "gladdened the hearts" of the game's followers.

Ricky Ponting admits he has been reported "more than anybody" since becoming captain
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"We all know the way he played his cricket, don't we?,"
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